State Land to Landless Harries





Donor :

Land Utilization Department (BOR) Government of Sindh


Partners :

SRSO, National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) and Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP)


Districts :

17 districts of Sindh


Objectives :

The Landless Harees Project (LHP) is a Government of Sindh initiative to grant state land to the poorest and most marginalized harees, keeping in view the central objective of poverty reduction through economic empowerment. Landless women have been the priority for all allotments to ensure their financial and social empowerment and to uplift their income generation and social status because of their physical involvement in farming activities at every stage. The project was initiated in 17 districts of Sindh in March 2009 and has resulted in successful harvests in many villages.


Major Activities


Organized Land Allottees.
Formed Farmers Cooperatives.
Support package including state land with cash grants and seeds to plant, fertilizer, pesticides and weedicides to ensure successful cultivation of the crop.
A total of 41,520 acres of land was distributed to 4,103 harees(29.4% male and 70.6% were female harees).
Micro Health Insurance covered to each family.
Assistance in registering as Cooperatives with relevant government department.
Assisted the Cooperatives/individual farmer families in preparing agricultural improvement plans, identifying self-help activities, and developing linkages with concern line agencies in improved agriculture, livestock and forestry practices.





Project Completion Report