Health System Strengthening Project




Donor :

United States Agency for International Development (USAID), John Snow International (JSI-Lead Consortium)


Partner :

Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN)


Districts :

Jacobabad & Kashmore (LHWs uncovered area)


Duration :

15th April, 2014 to 31st March, 2017


Major Activities


Increased Accountability & Transparency of Health system

Mapping of private health facilities & NGOs
Selection of UCs & clustering villages.
Revitalization & formation of Village Health Committees (VHCs) consisting of male and female members of the community who meet once every three months to discuss health issues being faced in their areas. Each VHC has been given information about health facilities and services available nearby.
Formation of Union Council Health Committees(UCHC).
District Health Networking (DHN).
Improving health services at community institutions.

Improved management capacity of health & PWD.

Field staff training.
Mapping of LHWs covered & non covered areas.
Formation of community institutions.
Awareness regarding routine immunization.
Registration of new births.
Coordination with EPI at BHU & community level.
Coverage of defaulters & drop out cases.


  • Increased awareness among communities about public & private sector facilities.
  • Communities are able to take actions to approach health management for improvement in service delivery.
  • Community voices are heard & responded by DHPMT
  • Increased awareness among communities about the importance of routine immunization.
  • Coverage of defaulters/drop out cases for routine vaccine.
  • Registration of new births in UC birth register.