Empowering Older People to Improve Lives





Donor :

Big Lottery Fund (BLF)


Partner :

HelpAge International, Age International


Districts :

Jacobabad and Shikarpur


Duration :

3 Years (November 2014 to September 2017)


Major Activities


Development of a network of Older People Associations.
Capacity building of Older People Associations(OPAs) and District government officials.
Formation of a Federation of OPAs at District level.
To increase participation of older people in district and provincial level decision-making and planning processes through membership of OPAs to engage with and influence local authorities, financial and social protection institutes.
Information campaigns for older people on how to access existing social protection, microfinance and wider livelihoods support programmes.
Paralegal support for older people.
Advocacy with Stakeholders for inclusion of Older People and PWD in their policies.
Advocacy with Social protection departments/institutes for the inclusion of Older People and PWDs in their programmes and policies Trainings on livelihood activities and provision of livelihood inputs.
Seed funding for microcredit of older people's livelihood development.