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About SRSO

Established in 2003, the Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) is the major Rural Support Programme in Northern Sindh. It is a not-for-profit organization registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. SRSO is present in 9 districts, namely Sukkur, Khairpur, Ghotki, Naushero Feroz, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Larkana, Kashmore-Kandhkot, and Qambar-Shadadkot . The mandate of SRSO is to alleviate poverty by harnessing the people’s potential and to undertake development activities in Sindh.

  Success Story  

   “The Miraculous Wonders of Social Mobilization and Training.” 


 “There were times when the fear of going out of the house could bring defamation and allegations for the family as well as for me also” said Ms Azra Daughter of   Mohammad Yasin (Police Constable) of Hameedabad  Mohalla, Gagri village, Khairpur, living in very confiscated atmosphere where people have much time to poke their noses into other people lives and matter which shows there backwardness.
She is 17, student who can be considered as pioneer for bringing change in the environment and mindsets of her fellow villagers.Azra’s family comprises of four sisters, a brother and her parents. Female Education is seriously discouraged and in case somebody wants to give education to their children, they are not treated as respectable. .......

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   “Go Passionately in the Direction of your Dreams” 


 Zareena is a 45 year old woman living in Maroo Kakepota Union Council Gaheeja , Taluka Garhi Yasin, District Shikarpur. She is president of Community Organization, named Roshani.Zarina has 7 children. Her husband Anwer Ali is a farmers, and he works in the fields of a landlord. She has never availed a loan from any organization / Microfinance bank realizing that she would not be able to repay it easily. In May 2009 Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Program team reached in her Village and conduct meeting to introduce Community Investment Fund(CIF). Having learnt about CIF's procedures and flexibility in terms of providing easy loan and with a repayment plan developed according to her requirements, .......

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   “Everything is Possible with Determination” 


The Baloch family rarely comes outside of their homes because of rigid traditions and cultural values. Thus, it is very impressing Social Mobilization of UCBPRP that a disabled woman took a bold step to achieve a vocational skills training to eradicate the concept of disability. Even during daily outback from the Training Centre she faced lot of difficulties but she never lost confidence. Consequently, Ms Ubaida W/O Ghulam Nabi Golo achieved her milestone and proved for other disabled women that “everything is possible with determination” she became an example in the Society. Currently she earns more than PKR 200/= daily which is a good amount for her as well as for family. Now she has started to materialize her dreams of educating her children, and again she was committed.


  "Farida's Struggle for Life" 


Fareeda is 25 years girl; resident of village Thull, UC Bangul Dero, District Jacobabad. Fareeda is elder daughter in her family. Her father is so feeble to work and to fulfill the needs of food & fire Fareeda is striving; she has received master trainers training in Cutwork trade and participated in marketing training at Islamadad. Now fareeda is a good artisan, she receives orders regularly from the local markets and even from Islamabad, and financially Support her family. She gives trainings to other community groups. Fareeda don’t have many things in her life but she is contented whatever she has with the support and guidance of SRSO.


  "Health is Wealth" 

KoonjKoonj 8 years baby, daughter of Ali Asghar, resident at Village Unar, UC Wazirabad belongs to a poor family her father is a daily laborer; Koonj is the only child of her family. During the flood this family shifted in the relief camp at Shikarpur. Due to poor health and inadequate hygienic facilities, Koonj felt abdomen pain and Diriya her father took her to the local doctor but condition becoming worse. Doctor suggested to take her at Hira Medical Centre Sukkur immediately. She admitted in the Emergency Ward and after four days of proper treatment her life saved by the Micro Health Insurance services under the UCBPRP. Total cost of treatment was Rs. 16,000.  

  "Handicrafts Skills become Great Assets" 


Nazia KhatoonNazia Khatoon 34 years Lady resident at village Abdul Qadir Chachar, living with 8 children; her husband is toiling to bring food and fire for his children, Flood 2010 drew everything but save the lives of family. After the flood while lives have to restored Nazia has left nothing in her hands and started to live in the tents.  But VRP bring the new hope for this family. Nazia started her house construction and was excited to complete the house with support of SRSO. She helps her husband through knitting handkerchief swith beautiful embroidery and selling all that to help her family financially. Now Nazia is in her own house and is very happy with her family.

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